Mountainous Nafpaktia

Combine your stay at Treanto Boutique Hotel with exploring the mountainous Nafpaktia where mountain bulges, gorges and water dominates. 

Characteristic elements of Nafpaktia mountains are the sculptured slopes, the livestock roads and the pastures on mantels that reveal the titanic struggle of generations for survival.


Vardousia mountain range with its highest peak Korax (2.495 meters) is one of the mountains in Greece characterized as alpine. It is defined by three rivers (Mornos, Evinos and Kokkinopotamos) and has a rich flora and fauna with many rare species. Many areas of the mountain are suitable for hiking and on the slopes of Skorda there are two mountain bunks. The main starter point for hiking is Athanasios Diakos village which is in an altitude of 1,000 meters on the eastern slopes of Vardousia.

Ano Chora & Kato Chora

Ano Chora & Kato Chora are two traditional villages that attract touristic attention and are situated among forest vegetation, pines, firs and rivers.
It is a very special and unique area and rightfully is characterized as the “Alps” of Greece. The altitude is 1,460 meters above sea level.
The tourist interest is usually attracted by the church of Agia Paraskevi in Ano Chora and also the canyon of Kakavos (or Kotsalos) which separates the two villages and is ideal for hiking.


The Elatovrisi village is located on the left bank of Votsaikos tributary river. At the west side of the village there is the chapel of Virgin Mary which celebrates on August 23rd and it was built on the ruins of the old chapel. The Historical and Folklore museum of the village is memorable, has rich exhibits and it is worth a visit.

Evinolimni lake

The lake of Evinolimni and the villages that surround it, are a heaven for alternative travelers and for finding peace and quiet. Evinolimni is the artificial lake of Evinos river, formed in October 2002 in order to meet the water needs of the area. Eventually the lake added a more beautiful picture in the already unique landscape of the mountains Panetoliko and Vardousia. In the area, there is a great choice of hiking routes, easy or more difficult, for visitors to enjoy the natural environment and the traditional villages.


Kryoneria is a mountainous village located at 1,170 meters on the mountain of Tsekoura. It is one of the most beautiful villages of Nafpaktia, called as “little Switzerland” by the residents. A small green paradise that combines nature with culture and impresses visitors with its beauty and elegance. The Kryoneria village has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Reports and findings show that the habitation of the village is continuous and uninterrupted for more than 600 years. The Folklore museum of Kryoneria preserves and promotes the cultural heritage of the area.


Platanos is a picturesque, lively and crowded village at 880 meters’ altitude near Evinolimni, the lake of Evinos river. The name of the village “Platanos” means plane tree and it is known for the local wine. The village was built according to the traditional features of Roumeli houses. Many tourists and locals are visiting the village and the its main square with the church of Saint Nicholas.


Simos village is built on the southwest slopes of Kalpaki mountain. The origins of the village dates to the Byzantine period and “Simos” is thought to be the name of the Byzantine feudal of the area. The church of Saint George, built in the 1950s, stands imposing while entering the village. Also, the church of Nativity of Virgin Mary has been declared a historic monument. Simos village is known for the architecture of its houses which are mostly stone made.

The dam of Mornos river

The artificial lake of Mornos was constructed in order to meet the need of the Athens water supply and completed in 1981 with the construction of the dam of Mornos river, which is one of the largest dams in Europe. Located at an altitude of 500 meters, the total area is about 15 square kilometers and its perimeter reaches 70 km. The artificial lake of Mornos is a large aquatic ecosystem between the plains, high mountains and forested hills that brings together a multitude of wild animals and plants.

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