During your stay at Treanto Boutique Hotel, you can visit the historical monasteries of Nafpaktos which are monuments of Christianity, culture and art.

Monastery of Saint John the Baptist (Vomvokous) – 15km from Nafpaktos

Build on a mountain area, 10km northeast of the city of Nafpaktos and close to the community of Vomvokos, this monastery presents great architectural, sculptural and pictorial interest. Per a marble find, the monastery was built in 1965 on the fountains of an old church. Today, the liturgy of the monastery by the two nuns is spiritual.



Varnakova’s Monastery – 27km from Nafpaktos

The monastery is located on the outskirts of Vardousia mountains, surrounded by a dense forest of oaks and chestnuts trees and has a beautiful view.

It is one of the oldest monastic centers in Greece, founded in 1077 AD by Saint Arsenius the Vernikoviti. It is known for the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary and dedicated to the Assumption.

It is an historic monastery which had provided invaluable service to the liberation of the Greek nation. Currently, in the monastery are living 10 nuns.

Monastery of Transfiguration – 5km from Nafpaktos

It is a modern monastic community on the east side of Skala village, constructed in 1977 with voluntary economic contributions and financial support of individuals.

Today the complex of the Monastery consists of the Church of Transfiguration, the common space, the monks’ cells, the guest house, a large conference hall, its own radio station, the Greek Orthodox tradition museum of Lepanto (Nafpaktos) battle and an aquaculture unit for the needs of the monastery.

The brotherhood of the monastery consists of young and educated monks, graduates of higher - University Faculties, and today consists of twenty-one members, living coenobitic.

The celebration of the monastery is 5 and 6 August (day of Transfiguration), the first Tuesday after Easter and the first Sunday of every October.

Monastery of Panagia Ampelakiotissa

This monastery is one of the most important monasteries of Nafpaktia, has a great history and is located near the village Apodotia. The original building was built around 1456. Inside there are kept relics and priceless art treasures.

The monastery celebrates on February 23rd (St. Polycarp) and on August 15th (the Assumption).




Monastery of St. Augustine & Seraphim Sarov of Trikorfo – 18km from Nafpaktos

The monastery is located in a landscape scene at 900m altitude with grove and many animals. Every year, the monastery attracts thousands of visitors. It was built in 1991 as a male monastery. The 400 bells strike by hand every five years, at St. Seraphim celebration by 400 pilgrims.

Monastery of Panaxiotissa – 27km from Nafpaktos

The Byzantine church of Panaxiotissa Mary’s Assumption is located in an idyllic scene between olive and pines trees, 2km north of Gavrolimni lake and near “Hania Gavrolimnis” village. The name of the monastery, probably unique in the Orthodox world, has been interpreted as "the one that claimed everything”. A significant number of visitors gather each year in the Divine Liturgy, celebrated on the second day of Easter which includes welcoming treats and traditional dances.

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